I’m a startup founder in Silicon Valley. I know, I know. Everyone and their mother is a founder in the valley. But I think my story is a bit unique because:

  • My startup was a class project in grad school.
  • It’s in the fantasy sports space. There are like…two other startups in this space. And I’m pretty sure one of them is a front for a Serbian arms dealer.
  • Most of the startup “work" was done while traveling around the world with my wife and not in Silicon Valley. You can read about our escapades on her site here.
  • The app I created eventually became the #1 paid sports app on iTunes with over a million downloads.
  • I’ve never taken any outside funding. Not even from my mother. Unless you count raising me and paying for college. Ok I guess that counts. But other than that, 100% bootstrapped, baby!
  • I’ve never hired any full time employees. As a result, I would talk to myself frequently about the direction of the company. After one particularly fiery argument I nearly fired myself but reconsidered once I realized I had no employees.
  • I’ve been threatened with a lawsuit and a job offer from the same company in the same week. And yes, I meant threatened with a job offer.

This blog is meant to chronicle my (mis)adventures as an entrepreneur. My goal is to be both insightful and entertaining at the same time. Thanks for reading!

PS: I love connecting with other entrepreneurs. Best place to find me is on twitter . I also enjoy speaking at conferences. The next conference I will be speaking at is Aug 5 in San Jose called ELEO Conference. You can check it out at .